She’s a baller: Titans’ Kelsie Whitmore opens up about going pro in a mostly-male sport

Kelsie Whitmore plays for the Titans softball team. (Image provided by California State University Fullerton)

By Jordan Mendoza

Kelsie Whitmore, who just finished her sophomore year at Cal State Fullerton, plays on the Titans softball team.

But what she’s known for is baseball.

She made history when she joined the Sonoma Stompers in 2016, which made her one of a handful of women to sign a professional baseball contract.

“Growing up I would always get these looks…It’s that kind of look where they don’t think you belong there.”

In Inside Fullerton’s first podcast, Kelsie describes her experience in Sonoma – and what it was like playing in a male-dominated sport.

Reporting by Jordan Mendoza and Brandon Killman. Editing by Jordan Mendoza.

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