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By Rachel Norwood
Contributing Writer
Photos courtesy Table 7 Events

Everyone loves a good party. From the platters of free food to the open bar and random conversations with strangers, people will jump at the chance to get gussied up for a party. Behind every big bash, however, tends to be calm, cool and collected event planners that guests rarely see. Stephanie Hassan, CEO of Table 7 Events, is one such planner.

shassan-1table 7 logo

Born and raised in Fullerton, her love for weddings (which is evident in her extensive, well-organized collection of wedding-themed movies) is one of the reasons why she became an event planning professional. After receiving her Creative Advertising degree from Cal State Fullerton, Hassan began her career in 2002 at the Fullerton Arboretum as a Facility Rental Manager providing administrative and logistical support for events like birthday parties, weddings and galas. She then moved on to McCoy and Mills Ford where she managed their public relations, administration and event planning needs. In 2011 Hassan, though reluctant at first, started planning for the launch of Table 7 Events. “I never wanted a business of my own,” she admitted. Having grown up in a family who owned their business, Hassan is familiar with the stresses that come with entrepreneurship. However, the lack of jobs available in event planning drove her to create her own company. Table 7 Events, a name that combines Hassan’s wedding date, July 7, 2007, and her passion for weddings, launched on January 1, 2012 just after three short months of planning.


Table 7 specializes in planning weddings, life celebrations, like anniversaries and birthday parties, and corporate events. From the comfort of her own home (or yours) Hassan and three event coordinators, Amanda Johnson, Bree Norton, and Phoenix Freeman, have planned everything from McCoy and Mills Ford Dealership’s 75th anniversary, held at their Fullerton dealership, to a Halloween-themed wedding held at the Richard Nixon Library. Table 7 has even made clients’ own backyards come to life with a couple of flowers, Pintrest-inspired decorations, and family heirlooms. What sets Table 7 apart from other event planning organizations is its budget-friendly planning style, emphasis on community involvement, and determination in providing a stress free environment for clients.


Hassan incorporates her down-to-earth personality and love for nature, her community and family values into her company’s operation. Having had her second wedding in her parents’ backyard, Hassan takes pride in being able to plan outdoor events in unconventional venues where people can enjoy the Fullerton crafted food, music, and decorations without breaking the bank.  “Most clients do not realize how their home can be transformed into a venue, and that’s where my skills come in.” Hassan has been an active member of the Fullerton community all her life and has relied on the connections she’s made with local business vendors, like Jenny B. Floral Design, Studio EMP photography and Beverly’s Best Bakery, to provide clients with well-made goods for their events and economic support for the businesses. Having worked with many planners in his 15 years as a photographer, Joel Eckman Maus of Studio EMP values Hassan not only for her business but for her professionalism and the profound respect she has for vendors.  “When there is an issue she never blames or scolds her vendors- always showing respect and understanding.”


Perhaps Table 7’s most important quality is its ability to put clients at ease. “I call myself the relaxed planner,” said Hassan. Clients, particularly brides, say working with Hassan is like going to the spa.  “My most favorite attribute about Stephanie is she is very calming which any bride can relate to needing this type of attribute during such a stressful time,” said Kamryn B., a recent client of Hassan who planned her Nightmare Before Christmas-themed wedding.  By making the planning process as relaxed and stress-free as possible, Hassan’s clients can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of planning, like food sampling, and the actual event.

nightmare before xmas wedding

Table 7’s blog and official website show past events the company has planned and describes their services. Potential clients can email Hassan directly who will ask basic questions regarding the event. Clients then meet with the staff to start planning the how’s, who’s, when’s, and where’s of the event. The staff then starts connecting clients with vendors, finding potential venues, ordering key items, and preparing a detailed day-of schedule. The day of the event Hassan and her staff will manage everything from set up to clean up.

t7-7peppermint pina colada

Though an active member of the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce, a Board Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton, and supporter of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Hassan said she intends to further contribute to the community and industry by offering a mentoring program for people interested in starting a career as an event planning.  “I plan for Table 7 to be a place where new planners can feel accepted into this industry through guidance and training, [and] hands-on experience.”

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Table 7 Events

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21 Dec 2014

Table 7 Events

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by Bryan Peterson
Contributing Writer
(photos courtesy Air Combat USA)

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You step into a flight suit for the first time and your instructor is explaining how to use the parachute you are wearing. You put your helmet on as you get into the tiny cockpit of the SIAI Marcheti SF260 fighter jet. Secured with the safety harness your instructor takes you down the airstrip. You have your gear and your training, now it’s time to hold on, this is going to be the ride of your life. Air combat USA is about to take you to the skies to face your enemy.

air combat outside

You might have been on the west end of Fullerton and heard the growling noise of the motor and wondered why a plane is flying so low to the ground. This noise is the powerful engines of Air Combat USA military planes locked in a dogfight. The objective of Air Combat is to get as many people as they can at the controls of an airplane. Air Combat immerses you into what it is like to be a military fighter pilot for a day. You start reviewing subjects like basic air combat maneuvers and military rules of engagement. Then, after you get your flight suit, helmet and parachute it is time to go out to the plane. You and your instructor get into a SIAI Marchetti SF260 where this versatile war machine screams across the sky at a top speed of 274 mph.

flight suitsair combat in the air

He had only one previous flight experience, where he hired an instructor and flew an intro lesson on a Cessna. He describes the experience like he was “riding a lawnmower.” To say the least it was a disappointment, nothing like what he was about to face. Simon walked in like every other person who grew up during the 80’s loving Top Gun. With three other combat pilots for the day he listened as instructors taught maneuvers. H to lose your “bogie” and “roll the plane to gain airspeed,” this is what he is going to be doing soon. They are told there is nothing you can do to hurt the instructor or the plane, this is when it starts to sink in, this is for real, this isn’t just a ride along. But all the anxiety was gone after his flight, all that remained was a smile on his face. “It really was the most intense experience I’ve ever had.”

air combat plane

This small, one person, Italian made aircraft was originally designed in 1964 as an aerobatics and military training type of plane. Later in history this plane became popular with smaller Air Forces who could equip the SF260 with different types of weapons for close support combat. It is currently used in Italy, Turkey, Mexico and the Philippines. With a wingspan of only 27 feet and its length 23 feet, it is obvious why this is the bird of choice for close combat and military training.

plane on ground 2

Air Combat USA is owned by Mike Blackstone. He has an extensive background with aviation, flying since 1962 part of the time as a captain for an airliner for 34 years. On staff, Air Combat has eight to 10 pilots, the majority of them former combat pilots. These pilots are what make this place great. Mike wanted to create an experience that he can share with everyone on something that he has loved ever since his first flight at the age of 14. He and his friend would go up and conduct dogfights but needed a more realistic way of having a winner which has lead him to develop the combat targeting system and the smoke deployment system specifically for Air Combat. Blackstone said, “I wanted to take my educational background in aerospace engineering and apply it to something I loved.” He has also created the three on board cameras that video your experience in HD.


This is an experience of a lifetime being able to have no training with flying and within an hour being able to be in the cockpit and flying real dogfights in a military plane. There are a few different packages you can purchase from basic air combat maneuvers to intermediate and advanced programs with prices starting at $1395, which includes about three hours of ground school, flying five to six dogfights and a debriefing.

Air Combat USA: An experience of a lifetime!

Hours: Open 7 days a week but hours depend on flight schedule
3815 W. Commonwealth Ave. (Fullerton Municipal Airport)



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29 Nov 2014

Air Combat USA

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