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12 Dec 2012

The British Grocer

Author: mmclaughlin | Filed under: local Business

By Michelle Tuyub
Contributing Writer

If you are from the United Kingdom and in search of British food, or just enjoy the cuisine, look no further. The British Grocer, located in Downtown Fullerton, can meet your needs for the food and products you’re looking for Owner Jacky Wyld has had the shop for 25 years. The British Grocer was originally a gift from her late husband Doug Collier who passed away six years ago. But Jacky carries on their tradition. Fullerton became the location because her husband saw great potential here. “[There’s] a lot of British people that want British food,” said Wyld.

With China and plants everywhere, it feels like just another room in your house. Because the store is full of many intricate pieces it can take a while to walk around it. Selling items that are all imported from the United Kingdom, the shop is very unique. Because the products are from the United Kingdom, they can be considered different, even though they have same brand name as the products in the United States. An example can be the chocolate brand Cadbury which has no stabilizers or preservatives.

The shop has a variety of products to choose from. The products range from candy, and tea to frozen food and China sets. A popular candy is a chocolate bar called “Flake”-Dipped and a popular biscuit called “Digestives.” I tried these out and could tell the distinction. Somewhat afraid that being picky was going to influence me, I really enjoyed the Digestives, I chose the dark chocolate flavored and was intrigued by how light it was and how great it tasted. I also grabbed small bag of chocolates called “Buttons” that had cute little animals on the label. These also tasted sweet and had a perfect amount of chocolate. They were small and thin, shaped like a button, which makes the portions work great.

An appealing chocolate bar called Aero was the next thing I tried. This bar was not like anything I’ve ever seen. The wrapper showing the inside of the bar with green bubbles seemed distinct. I grabbed the bar and took a bite. I could “feel the bubbles” just like the wrapper said and it tasted amazing. Fascinated by the taste, the texture was different and delicious. I decided to try a drink next. Tizer was my choice, called “the great british pop,” it came in a can. Not being a previous soda fan, I also loved this product. The theme throughout the food there was subtle taste and this was no exception. Light flavored, it had the right amount of sweetness. Lastly I tried the Happy Hippo biscuit. Shaped like a hippo this was a treat! Rich with creamy flavor of milk and hazelnut it also packed a crunch, and savory taste.

The British Grocer provides free newspapers from the United Kingdom. Bringing all the products they are able to, owner Jacky Wyld said “(The Shop has) all the products that British people go in search of when arriving in the United States.”


305 N. Harbor Blvd. Suite 124, inside The Villa del Sol
Hours: Mon-Fri: 10:30am-5:30pm | Thurs: 10:30am-5pm
Sat: 10:30am-5pm | Sun: 11am-5pm
(714) 738-0229
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