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11 Apr 2012

Green Bliss

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by Linda Hoang
Contributing Writer

This week (April 11, 2012):

Green Bliss The Cafe

You do not truly understand the name of this new café until you enter and dine on the pastries, meals and coffee offered. Then it hits you. This small café is truly bliss- a piece of perfection in the culinary district of Fullerton.

Tucked away in the line of cafes on Harbor Boulevard, this vegan and vegetarian friendly café is a rare treasure found in downtown. My roommate and I stopped by on Green Bliss’s grand opening, not knowing what to expect. Upon entering the café, we were struck by the warm, inviting atmosphere. The color scheme is organic, with many shades of dark brown and green complemented by the light walls and wooden shelves filled with trinkets. Across the entrance, a garden hangs on the wall. A chalkboard that spans the entire left wall neatly displays the menu, and sunlight seeps through the large windows that cover the entrance. Despite all the elements in the café, and the relatively small size, we didn’t feel it was cluttered at all; rather, there was always something to observe.

My roommate and I were served a vegan strawberry cupcake with mugs of the regular blend of coffee. As we sat down in our booth, manager Rita Ho stopped by to explain the concept of her café. Ho’s focus is organic and global foods. All of her foods and beverages are found locally, whether it be the pastries that are made by Orange County bakers, the coffee that is roasted in Southern California, the ingredients that are purchased from farmers markets, or the unique juice bottles that are packaged in California.

The ingredients are fresh and organic, and Ho claims it is the healthier and better way of eating. I must admit, these fresh ingredients make a huge, positive difference in taste. The strawberry cupcake and coffee was the perfect pair. The strawberry cupcake was soft to the touch. Not too moist and not too dry, it was the perfect medium. Unlike store bought cupcakes, the frosting and pastry were not overwhelmingly sweet. The pink strawberry frosting matched well with the pastry, and the grainy texture of sugar was a clear indication of a homemade recipe. The result of fresh ingredients and baking? A delicious cupcake. Although the coffee was not bold at first sip, the taste stays on the tongue, and this can be overwhelming. However, it was a pleasant complement to the sweet cupcake.

All of the meals are vegetarian or vegan, with no artificial meat substitutes. We settled on the garlic mushroom flatbread, which was $8. When the flatbread was brought out after a short wait, my roommate and I were struck by the savory aroma. It smelled and looked delicious. Most importantly, it tasted delicious. I could taste every ingredient in the meal, from the olive oil that flavored the bread, to the thick, melted mozzarella cheese to the large portabella mushrooms that served as an alternative to meat. The bread was perfect- no other way to describe it. Warm and soft, it was not crunchy or bland at all, nor was it raw and doughy. My roommate declared that it was better than pizza.

On all accounts, Green Bliss has achieved its focus of organic and global foods. Not a single element strays from its theme, the staff is helpful and friendly, and people will surely have much to learn and enjoy in this café. Although the hours are early, Allison Tan, Green Bliss’s cook, said that if there is a high demand, the café may extend its hours. The prices are higher than what college students might usually spend on meals, but the price is more than reasonable when shared with a friend. You receive what you pay for, and at Green Bliss, you pay for nothing short of perfection.

Green Bliss The Cafe

Hours: Tues-Sat 7am-6pm | Sunday 8am-5pm
305 N. Harbor Blvd., Suite 103 (in Villa Del Sol)
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2 Responses to “Green Bliss”

  1. I had the Kale Salad and it was delicious. I agree with everything you said in this review. It is beautifully appointed in decor, calm and pleasing to the eye. The pastry display looked delicious and I look forward to a sweet treat with an expresso soon.

  2. Great review, although I would like to point out that Green Bliss is not promoting “global” produce. Rather it tries to source “local” if at all possible. Produce comes from farms in Chino Hills and other neighboring towns, pastries are baked locally, the coffee is roasted in nearby CA towns, the goats and cows that produced the milk and cheese graze on southern California pastures etc. etc…

    I have had the opportunity to sample some of their menu items before the grand opening, and I must say that I am really bummed that I live in Santa Barbara and only spend my weekends in the Fullerton area. Tasty, fresh, simple, yet it’s not the kind of food I could prepare myself at home… Just the right mix between sophistication and simplicity paired with freshest ingredients. Oh, and the coffee…. my oh my… I will probably lose some hours of sleep every time I visit the cafe because I will drink much more coffee than is actually good for my body. It is that good!

    I still have to find a place like this in Santa Barbara.